Use X Activator service to Bypass iCloud lock

Use X Activator service to Bypass iCloud lock

X Activator it’s a replacement software designed to
bypass iCloud on many alternative version of checkra1n

This XActivator MacOS Software has NO need for MEID (Entire SIM unite)
plus MEID handsets ( NO-SIM needed ).

the simplest thing of this software its the combination
of a bearing Panel/dashboard.

Xactivator needs a login from the dashboard webpage.

There you’ll manage your account, add credits check
prices, download all information and tools you wish
to bypass iCloud.

Serial number registration is not needed – login-in
to your control panel area then select the handset
you wish to bypass iCloud on then make the necessary
payment than last but not least plug-in the device
and X Activator will begin to bypass to.

Supported handset devices are


Use X Activator service to Bypass iCloud lock


Xactivator is only to be used on a mac the tool was
developed by the ctabuyoiOS team.

The tool is extremely stable on a macOS based device.

for the bypass to work impeccably you will need to
download & install a few other apps/software to
fully bypass your handset device.

  • First, make your account, you can do it here x-activator Control Panel
  • Now- Download XActivator tool
  • Use the to install the needed tools ( check manual )
  • Apply the credits needed to complete the task at hand ( multi-payment methods accepted )
  • Use Checkra1n to jailbreak your iDevice
  • Now open the X Activator tool using a ( macOS ) device
  • then press Activate the device and make sure you ( wait to see activation success )
  • Now press fix notification as your last step( wait 1 or 2 minutes )
  • That’s it your All DONE

Use X Activator service to Bypass iCloud lock

New XActivator Service to Bypass iCloud lock

Get iCloud XActivator bypass tool 

XActivator SIM-Fix  / iTunes,4G iMessage, AppStore, FaceTime,   Also the Apple Watch Sync problem on the iCloud Hacked devices

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