FULLY UNLOCK iCloud – And Remove Find My iPhone

FULLY UNLOCK iCloud  – Remove Find My iPhone from any iDevice! [FULL Windows Gauid]

before I start the UNLOCK iCloud video I just want to
remind you that if you’re looking for an
iCloud bypass then go to imei-check.live and click on the UNLOCK iCloud bypass
page this matrix here lists every Apple
iPhone iPad and iPod Touch and has
direct tutorial videos to all of the

UNLOCK iCloud bypass content you will ever need

what is going on guys this is imei-check and in this video I’m going to
show you how to completely unlock your
passcode and disabled iPhones that’s
right this is more than just a bypass
this is actually a full unlock because
we’re going to be turning off Find My
iPhone meaning you can literally restore
the device update device sign in with
your own account and it will be
completely free from the previous owner
in every single way and it’s like your
brand new iPhone how much further ado
let’s jump straight into it so first we
need to head over to my website at Apple
tech 7/5 to calm and under the bottom
here you’ll find some Quick Links just
Click on the one that says eye removal
pro tool and download that to your
desktop and then you’re also going to
want to go to desktop telegram org and

get telegram for Windows right here and

this will download telegram go ahead and
put that on your desktop as well you
should have these two programs the eye
removal Pro in the telegram and once you
have those we’re gonna go ahead and
check rain our device now if you don’t
know how to install check raining on
Windows go ahead and click the link at
the top right corner right now this
video details the entire process of
installing Ubuntu via you nut ball set
up and ready to go
– and boot into you nobuta n– so let’s
press the start button and power and
restart so assuming you’ve clicked on
that card in the upper right hand corner
and followed all the steps correctly
then you should get this nice little
menu when you reboot your computer with
two options one for Windows 10 and one
for unetbootin go ahead and click on
unit Boonton and of course if you’re
using boot rain or rain USB a rain storm
any of those other ones then go ahead
and do that whatever way you want this

step is basically just running check

range so we can get access to the device
for the actual bypass procedure alright
now that we’re on linux go up to the top
right corner and click on this little
menu bar and make sure you are connected
to a Wi-Fi network that’s very important
now we’re going to go over to the
Firefox web browser and go to the
official check-rein web site here just
click on get the beta now and where it
says looking for another OS click see
all downloads and click on the 86 64
option and save the file and it should
save up here now we’re going to close
out of the web browser completely and go
over to this little icon that says files
and now in the downloads page double
click and you should see check-rein
right here now we’re going to type in
terminal to launch the terminal and type

in CH m OD + x and drag and drop

check-rein now click enter and we’re
going to type in sudo space and drag and
drop checking one more time and now
click enter and it says it’s not
supported all we have to do is click on
options allow and tested versions back
and start click the little okay and next
and this should put our device in
recovery mode I’m just going to speed
through this process real quick here
because we all should be pretty familiar
with check-rein at this point
and just like this check-rein says all
done we are indeed still passcode locked
here so all we have to do is exit out of
the terminal by closing the terminal and
then close the Downloads page and up
here just click the little power button
and simply click on restart and that’s
going to go ahead and boot you right
back into Windows, I’ll be back
alright so we’re back on Windows now I’m
going to go ahead and quickly show you
that Find My iPhone is on for this
device so I’m gonna paste the IMEI in
right here and click the little search
and just like this it’s gonna produce a
pop up to show us that we do have Find

My iPhone turned on right here this is

an iPhone 6s I did actually replace the
housing myself so that’s why it’s gold
instead of rose gold but it is indeed an
authentic iPhone 6s here and Find My
iPhone is on so we’re going to be
turning off Find My iPhone all we have
to do is go over to telegram and we’re
now going to send a F pdz a message and
tell him that we’re interested in the
service if you create an account in
telegram then you should see this search
bar right here go ahead and type in IFP
DZ and click enter and you should see
this contact so we’re just going to
write him a little message here alright
so as you can see I just typed I have
pdz little message I said I’m interested
in your Find My iPhone off service for
mods on success I went ahead and pasted
the IMEI you can find your IMEI through
three you tools or in some cases it’s
even printed on the back of the device
itself and then I just said please tell
me how to proceed Thanks
we’re gonna go ahead and send this
message and I fpdc should get back to us
with instructions for exactly what to do
for the next steps and just like this he
said the accepted payment methods are
PayPal Skrill and Western Union so I’d
like to pay by paypal I’m just gonna say

I would prefer PayPal

what’s your email address and we’ll see
what the email address is here and he
said the price is $25 for this iPhone 6s
we’re going to send payment to this
email all right so as you can see I have
this paypal email in my account right
here and we’re going to go ahead and
send him 25 USD select USD and type in
$25 just like that and now go ahead and
click on continue and just like this
click send payment now now it says you
sent $25 to this email address and make
sure that that goes through of course
whatever price he gives you is the price
you want to send and now we’re gonna go
ahead back to telegram all right and as
you can see he said all right the
payment has been received correctly now
download the eye removal Pro app

location from imei-check UNLOCK iCloud

we’ve already done that once done open
it plug in your iPhone and click
generate removal token and wait about 15
seconds once you see the token shown in
the box to paste the token here which is
exactly what we’re gonna do so let’s go
into the eye removal Pro application and
click on I remove all Pro V 1.0 Exe and

just like this we are inside of this

tool which has a stunning user interface
and we’re just going to go ahead and
click on generate eye removal token and
it says dumping please don’t unplug your
device and just like this the token is
Auto copied so go ahead and immediately
ctrl V to paste it into telegram and
send it to him and then he’s going to go
ahead and update us on whether Find My
iPhone was turned off alright and it
says looks like the token is expired so
send a fresh one that’s totally fine if
that happens we’re just gonna click on
generate I removal token and it says

dumping please don’t unplug your UNLOCK iCloud iDevice

and now we’re gonna control V one more
time and click enter to send him the new
so many times I’m going to show you guys
a trick that sometimes will help as you
can see I have Wi-Fi turn on
right here so what we’re going to go
ahead and do is dump the token so let’s
generate the token one more time the
we’re going to go ahead and paste the
token ctrl V and then as soon as the
tokens been pasted go ahead and pull up
the control center and turn off the
Wi-Fi if you can this just makes it
helpful so that you know there’s no
issue server-side with turning off Find

My iPhone obviously if you don’t have

Wi-Fi turned on then you know that won’t
be a problem for you anyways so I’m just
going through all the steps that might
be necessary and let’s see what he says
right here
he says congrats the Find My iPhone has
been successfully turned off and he also
sent a photo that says Find My iPhone is
off so just to prove this I’m gonna go
over to my web browser and we’re going
to check the IMEI one more time as you
can see this is our last check it said
find my device on so now we’re going to
go ahead and copy the IMEI right here
ctrl C and go back check more and paste
it in right here
and just like this is checking
and just like this it says find my
device off so that is the key that means
that we have turned off Find My iPhone
successfully and we can go ahead and
restore our device so I’m going to do
just that I’m going to open up three you
tools right now
click on yes and we’re gonna go ahead
and restore our device as you can see it
says screen unlock timeout blah blah
blah all that stuff doesn’t really

matter all we have to do is click on the

power and the home button at the same
time and then let go the power and go
into DFU mode and at this point all I’m
gonna do is restore my device let’s
click on go flash and flash thirteen
point five point one and flash and at
this point since Find My iPhone is off
we’re going to restore to a brand new

clean OS with absolutely no UNLOCK iCloud on it

and we’re just going to be able to set
up the device like normal
all right in the device just finished
the fresh restore so we’re going to go
ahead and set it up and see that there
is no iCloud I’m going to connect to my
Wi-Fi network here and just like this
let’s take a look
boom we skipped right over the
activation screen I’m gonna go ahead and
set it up right here
everything should be fully working so
I’m gonna go ahead and put a sim card in
right now this is an 18 t card as you
can see we have no service right now but
look at this we now have 18 T so I’m

going to go inside the phone app and

dial 6 1 1 and as you can see we have
phone service and now we can go ahead
and load Apple and we have cellular data
so we have data on calls we have
FaceTime iMessage literally everything
works guys this is a fully brand new
phone because Find My iPhone is off so
you can go ahead and sign into your
phone with your own iCloud account lock
it to your own account and yeah this is
your brand-new device now so thank you
so much for watching hope you enjoyed
the video as always stay tuned for more
follow me on Twitter at Apple tech 7 5
to join the subreddit for bypassing at
reddit.com slash are slash setup app and
until next time have an amazing day and
peace out

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