Cydia Impactors alternative is AltDeploy an IPA side loader
for macOS.

a replacement Version 1.1 has been released. you’ll be
able to resign the apps automatically on your iphone or

iPad (if connected to a MAC) while keeping the info after
the 7 days.

this one is simply an impactor alternative without
the keeping data/auto resign functionality.



AltDeploy Utility For Mac Released,
Lets Users Side-Load Apps To iOS Devices.

Released by developer @pixelomer

AltDeploy CYDIA  Utility For the Mac
the device was Released and will allow you to Use the

Side-Load Apps on any iOS Devices.

Cydia Impactor no longer works, so you need to know this

if you’re a fully active user of that jailbreaking network,
you can use AltDeploy.

An alternative Cydia Impactor has been
released by developer @pixelomer.

AltDeploy is a new side-loading utility, and
it is currently available for download.

Direct Download



With Cydia Impactor now not working for many people,
sideloading IPA apps has become difficult.

Now though, there’s an alternate, and its called AltDeploy.

What is Alt Deploy?

Alt Deploy could be a macOS solution for signing and
sideloading IPA files to your iPhone or iPad,

including some jailbreak tools,
without fear about app certificates

being revoked – this tends to happen with alternative
download methods,

like third-party app stores but AltDeploy fixes that issue.

it’s supported Riley Testut’s AltStore installer app

and provides a variety of preinstalled apps to settle
on from, furthermore assigning the other IPA file.

it’s and works the identical as Cydia Impactor,
requiring your Apple ID credentials.

With Alt Deploy, you may get a Mail app add-on; this
must be enabled in client preferences for the app.

Once enabled, AltDeploy will work, but you need to

ensure your Mail app is open all the time you utilize

The developer behind the tool, @pixelomer ( Twitter ),

had created an AltStore app port that allowed IPA
to similar apps; now, with a recent update,

first of all, it will work for all IPA files, and furthermore you

might get support for the Dark Mode in OS X Mojave
and above.

With this app, you’ll sideload any file; enjoy using
and follow us on Facebook for more news and updates.

Works very well! I much hope you may keep this compatible with chain of mountains as my mid-2010 iMac can’t be updated to Mojave or newer and 10.13.6 is that the last macOS I can use. Now your app works very nice in my Mac! Please always keep chain of mountains support available within the future sort of a legacy version .. We are many that don’t have new macs. Finally, thanks lots of your app, really helpful for my purposes!


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